Many insurance companies offer a discounted premium to clients who have an inventory or valuation of their chattels prepared by a professional firm of valuers. Furthermore, a current inventory or valuation has the added benefit of ensuring insurance companies settle claims quickly and in full. Rowley's recommend that valuations are reviewed every five years to ensure that changes in the market and subsequent additions or removals of chattels are reflected in the valuation. 

For clients who have only a few chattels Rowley's are able to prepare mini-valuations. These are still adequate documentary proof for insurance companies but are prepared for a flat fee which is a fraction of the cost of a full valuation.

Rowley's have strong relationships with several of the regions leading independent insurance brokers.

Our Insurance Valuation Service includes:

  • Discreet, specialist valuation expertise
  • Accurate up-to-date professional market valuations
  • Concise clear valuation inventories
  • Secure and confidential storage of valuation documents and supporting records
  • Clear and transparent fees and charges


Our Insurance Replacement Assistance service has been developed to help clients who have need of professional advice when making an insurance claim when there is no current inventory or valuation in place. Our success rate in achieving a fair settlement for our clients is extremely high.